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General Advice[edit]

1 bucket of lava spread across 7 tiles will hurt enemies but leave all items untouched except copper coins and lihzahrd power cells (notable because a world has a 400-drop limit). 1 bucket spread across 8 tiles or more will preserve all items.

fishing spots useful in any server:

  • forest
  • mushroom
  • sky default
  • cavern default
  • oasis
  • ocean
  • jungle surface
  • jungle underground
  • snow surface
  • snow underground
  • crimson/corruption
  • dungeon
  • hallow sky/surface (and later hallow underground)
  • honey (any biome, combine with other spot)
  • any lava (any biome, combine with other spot)

Make at least 1 easily defensible for blood moon. maybe next to an arena, also with a side panic room. Need to decide which.

Classic server[edit]

Minecart track across hell was fun on Journey but lacked maneuverability. We should stick to our platform path.

To remember[edit]

Stockpile things in appropriately labeled chests if possible. Dump chests up top if not.

Use alchemy station (near farm) to craft any potions, to conserve ingredients.

Harvest the jungle bait farm, herb farms, and cavern gemcorn tree farms periodically.

Preserve fallen logs.

Green Team

Developments of note[edit]

Sitting Duck fishing rod

void bag

bee mounts

Torch God's Favors

Architect Gizmo Packs

corruption/bloodmoon fishing at arena, crimson and sky fishing above oasis base, hallow fishing below herb farm

Crimson Underground farm

underwater shark/jellyfish farm

shark statue farm

shroom pylon w/ floral clock


wraith-resist oasis flats/fishing

fish! maybe get fish finder for cell phones, some crates in the process, potion ingredients, alchemy stations, more Bast statues

come back to trenches with spelunk pot


hell mapping and clear a path, make a track of platforms. use builder pot

figure out WoF/earlyHM potion selection: ironskin, magic power, mana regen, hp regen, thorns, titan. and with fish ingredients: endurance, inferno, rage, summon, wrath, calm

golf carts for all


trench new biomes fast. use pots

find new NPCs, locate in preferred biomes and company

add crystal ball and bewitcher to other buff furniture stations

set up fishing spots. remaining: hallow underground (hardmode), shiny truffle (hardmode)

Chlorophyte farm?

Journey server[edit]

To remember[edit]

Immediately replace any item/stack you consume for research.

Stockpile things in appropriately labeled chests if possible.

Preserve fallen logs.

Don't enable biome spread, and don't smash altars.

Catch any rare critters you see (or that the Lifeform Analyzer detects).

Green Team

Don't idle in bases other than HQ at night, due to wraiths.

Developments of note[edit]

Dungeon mapped, lit, sprinkled with boltholes.

Minigolf course built near dungeon.

All preHM Traveling Merchant wares.


Base hallowed, pylon set.

Greater mana and healing potions.

Sergeant United shield.

Rod of Discord.

Truffle Worm, Pirate Map, Mechanical Eye & Worm.

All demon altar ores, and Hallow crystal.

Strange Plants and pre-Plantera strange dyes.

All skeleton merchant wares.

Some new accessories.

Wizard, Pirate, Steampunker found.

Volt Bunny pet. Fairy & Flickerwick light pet. Goat, Unicorn, Black Spot mount.

Souls of Light/Night/Flight, unicorn horn, pixie dust, light/dark shards, cursed flame, ichor, frost core, forbidden frag.

All dev wings, weapons, dye, vanity. Most notably Arkhalis sword and wings.

underwater shark/jellyfish farm, surface Hallow fishing near base, Crimson fishing above Jungle base.

All moon phase dependent content.

Crimson, corrupt, hallow, and normal mimic loot tables duped. Still need ice.

Butterfly wings (best yet).

Truffle house built in graveyard. Teleporters to fairy log and converted surface deserts.

life fruit

infinite water bucket

queen slime summon

all mosses

cavern crimson fishing/pigron spot

IDK check the many chests to see what you missed.


--Trench EVERY base for wraiths. Or do something involving night sensors and traps.-- Nevermind, we'll just never feel safe anywhere but HQ at night, I guess.

hunt red devil for fire feather

ice mimics

Crimson Underground farm/fishing

Hallow/Corrupt/Crimson parts of Underground Desert, farm desert spirits

farm pirate invasions

add crystal ball to other buff furniture stations

beat mech bosses, dupe treasure


scaly truffle because why not

find new NPCs, locate in preferred biomes and company

mech bosses, OOA 2, then at some point Fishron, Plantera, events old and new

fill out flask list

lizard temple

various merchant NPC offerings

remaining fishing stuff including Angler fish and rewards: water bucket, minecarp, bug net

remaining trophies

Skeletron couch

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